Conditions of Entry

  1. Entry is restricted to a minimum age of 12 years.

  2. Each walker must carry those items listed in the Equipment List. All walkers must sign the 'Kit Declaration' on the front of the Registration Sheet'. Parents or Guardians must sign for juniors.

  3. Walkers must observe the Country Code at all times. They must stay on public footpaths through farmland.

  4. The organiser has the right to:
    • to postpone or cancel the event if weather conditions are considered too severe
    • refuse entry and to require entrants to retire for any reason, but especially on the grounds of safety.

  5. Neither the organiser, Cardiff Outdoor Group, nor the Youth Hostels Association can accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or financial loss sustained in the event that the walk is postponed or cancelled.

  6. No dogs can be allowed on either walk as this is lambing season and the walk passes through some farmland.

  7. Closing date for pre-entries is 31st January 2018.

  8. A week before the event you will be sent a Registration Sheet to complete. Don't forget to bring it with you on the day of the event.

  9. Entrants must comply with random checks to ensure entrants have the equipment listed in the Equipment Check List above.

  10. All walkers must report to the Finish Hall (this year the Scout Hall at Fairfield Car Park) at the end of the walk. All walkers retiring during the event must advise the organisers (the phone number is on the Checkpoint Card). Transport is available to collect walkers wishing to require and needing a lift back to the Finish (the Hall at Fairfield Car Park). Failure to report back will result in the Police and Mountain Rescue being called out. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances the Event will close at 1930.

  11. The walk is controlled from start to finish.

  12. Each walker must carry their own checkpoint card. Even when walking in a group, cards shouldn't be given to one person to carry and present at checkpoints.

  13. The route selected on the entry form may not be changed.

  14. Walkers may choose their own route between checkpoints, but they must check in at each checkpoint in the order specified below.

  15. An entrance fee must be paid per walker, click here for details. Please make cheques payable to Cardiff Outdoor Group.

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